Other Fuirniture

Wood and Aluminum Desk - anodized aluminum, aluminum drawer pulls and wood22\" D x 48\" W x 29\" H
Wood and Aluminum Desk
Fireplace Screen - anodized aluminum and wire screen66\" W (fully extended) x 36\" HThe anadized aluminum frame covers both the front and back of the screen.
Fireplace Screen
In A Minute Dear Vanity - anodized aluminumVanity is 26\" W x 16\" D x 66\" HStool is 16\" W x 18\" D x 20\" H
In A Minute Dear Vanity
Finger Mirror - anodized aluminum and mirror glass30\" D x 60\" W x 15\" H
Finger Mirror
Ceiling-Mounted Pot Rack  - anodized aluminum18\" D x 60\" L x 6\" H The hooks are hardcoat anodized.
Ceiling-Mounted Pot Rack
Semi-Victorian Vanity Sink - lathe-turned anodized aluminum with CorianĀ® top30\" W x 10\" D x 34\" H Dimensions are subject to customer\'s needs.
Semi-Victorian Vanity Sink
Lonnie\'s Sideboard - anodized aluminum65\" W x 18\" D x 75\" H
Lonnie's Sideboard
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